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Retrieved May 11, 2012, from: (accessed May 11, 2012). 13 The game mechanics provided by this kind of technology are just as important as the aesthetics and gameworld of the virtual world. Therefore, the player must be invited to use all the possibilities of the game world. For instance, the possibility of shifting from one world to another in real time, thus entering into any other world within the virtual environment. A second example is that the player must feel that he can move at will in the virtual world, changing his direction of movement or speed, without a visual limit. Players with disabilities, in particular, would not have the same sensations of liberty. Examples of technologies that provide these sensations of liberty include the head-mounted display (HMD)13 and the robotic arm.13 The Head-mounted Display (HMD) The use of the HMD in the game IBIM provides the player with an environment in which he can move freely. The headset is attached to the player and is designed to give the player the sensation of seeing the virtual world directly from within his own world,14 thus allowing him to have a direct view of the world that is being played on his computer screen, but from the point of view of his virtual body. The environment created by the HMD is limited by the fact that it does not have a field of vision, as the HMD cannot allow the player to see anything except what is reflected in the virtual world.14 In terms of aesthetics, the field of vision is determined by the angle of vision of the player and the perspective of the virtual world.14 The robotic arm This technology enables the player to carry out activities in virtual worlds which, while not being realistic, at least allow him to move without having to hold on to a physical object, without the risk of physical damage, and without the risk of being limited by the physical capabilities of a real body. The use of the robotic arm allows the player to carry out the same actions as the player who is controlling the virtual body. To achieve this, the physical characteristics of the player’s body are replicated in the body of the virtual body in the world. For example, the player can choose to be able to walk, run, sit, stand, jump, climb, fall, carry or




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International Basketball Manager Season 2010 11 Crack nathfir

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