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Too Angry to Relax?

This past week, I was in the throes of stress. (Stupid new health insurance stress. Grrr) Nothing worked to relax. My eyes literally rolled at the thought of a relaxing yoga class. Actually, I think I was too angry to even WANT to relax.

All week my body kept choosing yoga classes loaded with Warrior poses. I thought it was the anger talking. LOL So I did my angry, screw-you Warrior poses. And they turned into powerful, hold-your-head-high Warriors.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t relaxation that I was seeking. It was power. I was feeling powerless.

So I did my confident-looking Warrior poses, and I began to feel my emotional confidence coming back to me. By rooting down, I felt my confidence rising up. Body and then mind. By the end of the week, I was reframing. I was starting to see the new insurance as a new life skill. Still stupid (LOL), but here to stay and something I can in fact learn.

Body and then mind.

Until next time,


NOTE: For more information on confidence-building yoga poses, do a search for “root chakra”.

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