This too shall pass.

I truly hope you have been blessed by the soul-deep comfort of this phrase during a time of great suffering.

But what if we applied this amazing phrase to small sufferings as well? The line is too long to get my morning coffee. This too shall pass. Flat tire on the way to work. This too shall pass. Lost my temper with the kid. This too shall pass.

Are these small sufferings worthy of this soul-deep phrase? Isn’t that just the same as asking if you are worthy?

Of course! In fact, yoga philosophy suggests that we keep this phrase at the forefront of our mind, using it as liberally as salt! Because if we do, that flat tire affects 32 minutes of our day, not all day. And that missed coffee opportunity feels like a “well that sucked” instead of a “my life sucks”.

While this phrase is deeply comforting during times of great trial, it’s also deeply self-compassionate if used liberally all day long.

So try keeping it on the forefront of your mind this week, whether you are in need of comfort or compassion. For you are certainly worthy of both.

Until next time,


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