The Next Best Thing

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

We all know the benefits of clearing your mind and being in the moment. But if you are a natural-born-thinker like me, you know this is easier said than done!

First of all, let’s take the pressure off. Instead of striving to be present at all times (yikes), maybe we simply find a couple of mindful moments each day. These could be intentional moments, such as every time you step into an empty room or car. Or, they could be moments of need, such as when that feeling of stress begins to build.

Ok, so then what?

I recently came across a technique called “the next best thing”. During your mindful moment, you focus on thinking about the next best thing. Hmmm… I just turned my phone off, so what is the next best thing? Maybe feeling a deep breath. And now? Maybe relaxing my eyes closed. Next, maybe noticing the breeze on my skin. Now maybe rubbing that sore spot between my eyes. Even us natural-born-thinkers can do that!

The next best thing.

Maybe yours is to try it out!

Until next time,


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