Taking up Space

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Taking up space at home might mean reorganizing an area or perhaps reorganizing a relationship. Taking up space at work might look more like asserting ourselves or taking up a leadership role.

But taking up space during prayer, yoga, running… feels altogether different. We aren’t having to do anything. We aren’t having to be anything. We don’t have to plan or worry or work. We just stretch our arms up or bow our heads low and just…be.

And when we take up this kind of space, we are noticed. Yes, noticed. You are seen.

My favorite translation of Savasana (that laying down yoga pose) is “the pose in which nothing is being asked of us”. When we pray or run or lay in Savasana, nothing is being asked of us, and yet… we are taking up space. We are noticed. We are seen.

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