Surviving the Family Holiday Part 4

We all take our turn being crappy. Yep, it’s the one guarantee at each and every family cabin week.

If you’ve ever spent extended time with family, you know what I mean. Through years of no kids, little kids, teens, no kids… Single, married, single… The season in life doesn’t matter. At some point during the week, we each take our turn being crappy.

The fourth and final piece of 2,000 year-old advice on dealing with our people (drum roll please): Overlook those who are being crappy.

During my own crappy moments, I know what feels loving to me. My family lets me have my moment, and then we all move on. I very much appreciate when nobody makes fun of me, rolls their eyes or attempts to give me their opinion. (Of course if I storm off to the kayak it’s all fair game.) After my moment, I’m embarrassed, but it’s not irreparable. My ego is bruised a bit, but this is family and they have experienced my moments before and will do so again.

I’m loved, crap and all.

Family cabin week is just a small version of our whole family life. Like cabin week, there are times during our family life that we each take turns being crappy - sometimes for weeks or months at a time. They may be life choices, political choices, financial choices. And the moments aren’t always quick and harmless. Sometimes we make a real and true mess of it.

But in the end, we are loved. Crap and all.

Let’s all try to practice the self-restraint of ignoring crappy moments this holiday season. Because we never know when we may need it gifted back to us.

Until next time,


Note: The original wording for this advice is more eloquent than my more casual take on it.

"Disregard those who are wicked." It can be found in Yoga Sutra 1.33

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