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Surviving Family Holidays, part 3

Sitting next to cousin Frankie who once again hit the lottery, makes me yoga breathe! LOL Words like “fair” and “deserving” float around my heart. (Of course I don’t admit them into my mind, because I’d then have to admit I’m being childish.) But seriously, I struggle with this!

Advice #3: Smile for those who are being rewarded.

Yoga reminds us that hardship is something that floats in and out of all our lives. This vision of fluidity helps us realize that rewards are part of that same river! And the river has no beginning or end. In other words, there are enough rewards for everyone. Cousin Frankie’s reward isn’t affecting mine in the least.

In nature, the more diversity of life in a river, the healthier it is. So too, the more rewarded people in life, the better it is for us all.

Smile for those who are being rewarded, because we certainly don’t wish for hardship to float through their life instead.

So just smile. Delight in the healthy river that is life.

Until next time,


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