Surviving Family Holidays part 1

Can you believe that there exists 2,000 year-old advice on how to deal with the relatives? (Sarcastic insert, “of course we can!”) For the month of December, I’ll be going through the 4 pieces of advice that yoga has for dealing with our people. These 4 pieces of advice are sometimes called “The 4 Keys”, but this isn’t just a cheesy title like the keys to success or the keys to happiness. These keys are much more about the locks than the keys. Hmmm…… Let’s get started!

The college kid comes home bubbling with excitement over a new boyfriend/girlfriend that you know has all the wrong stuff. The sibling comes over with the exciting news of having started yet another new money-making idea. The in-laws are talking nonstop about a type of child rearing that is working wonders for their family (and also puts your teeth on edge). Enter yoga advice #1: Be happy for those who are happy.

Yoga suggests that we truly underestimate the power of the inner eye roll. The inner eye roll, though seemingly small, puts up a lock. Our person is throwing out beams of joy and, like Wonder Woman, we are blocking it from hitting us.

But why label beams of joy as worthy or unworthy? Life is hard and sucky. Why not just let the warmth in when it’s offered? Be happy for those who are happy.

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NOTE: The Yoga Sutra is a book of 2,000 year-old life advice, not a religious text. Yoga is not a religion. To read this directly, it can be found in Yoga Sutra section 1.33

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