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Seeing our Gratitude

That first bite of chocolate brownie. That first step into a hot tub. That first smell of the Christmas tree in the house. My goodness do we appreciate things before we grow used to them!

No, I’m not trying to pile on the guilt. Of course we get used to things. If we didn’t, our brain would be overstimulated all the time. But as we enter Thanksgiving, perhaps this is a good week to challenge ourselves to “see again” what we have gotten used to.

By “seeing again” our comfort items, our people, our pictures, our favorite spot in our house… we are practicing a different kind of gratitude. We are reminding ourselves that right now we have enough, our life is enough, and we are enough. This isn’t lack of ambition, it’s appreciation!

Yoga calls this type of gratitude Asteya. And it’s important to practice it, because there will be seasons in our lives when we feel lacking and incomplete. We develop unhealthy wants, desires, insecurities, thoughts. If we are practiced in gratitude, we will be able to “see” our way through.

Right now you have enough, your life is enough and you are enough. You are awesomely OK.

Until next time,


Thank you Alanna Kaivalya for that amazing phrase: awesomely OK

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