Pump the Breaks

Ever get sick after returning from a relaxing vaca? What the heck, right? Turns out, these quick changes - stressed before, ultra relaxed during, and back to stressed again - are tough on a body! Summer has come to an end. And we need to be aware that the change to busy autumn - like the end of a vacation - can be tough on the body.

But don’t despair - awareness allows us to acknowledge the changes and then tap the breaks on them. For example, we can do things to remind our body that summer doesn’t just snap to an end. Go outside and feel the 3pm sun on your skin. Treat yourself to a tropical drink. Watch the sunset at 8pm and marvel that it’s still daylight long after supper.

Yoga calls this Ayurveda, or being aware of how the seasons affect us. The energy of summer is high, but focussed. The energy of fall is also high, but more chaotic.

So as the calendar flips to Autumn, we have the power to slow that flip down to match our pace. That feeling that summer brings, can stick with us as long as we want. Which, it turns out, is actually good for us!

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