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Messing up sucks. And what’s worse, our human brain so often takes that stupid mess-up and uses it to mess with us!

Has your brain ever tried this little trick? “Hey, let’s just put this mess-up off until later, and spend the next month feeling guilty about it.” Yep, that’s fun. How about the one where your brain says, “instead of taking a quick and fair consequence, let’s feel guilty and do some type of self-restriction or self-penance.” Yep, that seems fair. Anyone’s brain tried this one? “It’s not the mess-up that sucks, it’s me who sucks.” Deep sigh.

Yoga philosophy (like the 2,000 year-old stuff) challenges us to take a step back and see that mess-up as a thread. We are a whole and beautiful tapestry full of all different kinds of threads. Oh, our mess-ups are in there all right; but so are our kindnesses and our strengths and our friendships.

So instead of falling for one of those mind tricks, step back and really see your whole, beautiful, colorful Real self.

Until next time,


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