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Our Hard Earned Stability

The pandemic is shifting, just as winter is shifting into spring here in Ohio. The time seems right for honoring our hard earned stability muscles. We shifted, side-stepped, bended, twisted, fell and pulled ourselves back up. And then we did it all over again. For two years.

Of course, I’m talking mentally and emotionally. But what if we honor

our growth by thinking of it as physical? Imagine physically shifting, side-stepping, bending, twisting, pulling up. Day after day, over and over. For two years. See where I’m going with this image? Let’s honor our hard earned (mental) stability muscles. We worked it!

Maybe another way of honoring our journey is to give witness to the aches, the fatigue, the pain that accompanied it all. It’s good to acknowledge when we were stretched too far or asked to carry too much. It’s been hard.

But just like physical muscle-memory, our hard earned mental stability muscles are here to stay! When we need them again - and we will - they will be there for us. Yoga reminds us to look around at nature to see that the natural order of things is not sameness, but change. And our hard earned stability muscles will be here for us every step of the way.

We can shift easier, side-stepped better, bend more, twist deeper, and pull ourselves back up with more grace.

Until next time,


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