Inner Adjustments

We are constantly making little adjustments to help our outside body. A new type of hiking shoe, adjusting our breath for a cold weather run, a new stretch for a newly tight muscle. We don’t do these adjustments to cultivate perfectionism. We do them to make our outside body more comfortable. Yoga would say, to help alleviate suffering. Yoga instructors are constantly offering suggestions and props (like blocks) not to make poses more perfect or ideal, but to help alleviate suffering. If I can help a student relax their tense shoulders in chair pose, awesome!

But are we giving our inner body the same grace and attention as our outer body?

We notice right away when a muscle is tight or tense. We don’t push through, we adjust. Do we notice right away when our feelings are tense? Do we give ourself permission to adjust instead of push through? We stay aware of when it’s time to try out a new exercise because an old one has lessened its effectiveness. But do we stay aware of how effectively we are connecting in our relationships, and when to try new ways? We are constantly scanning our outer body for little sore areas. We do it without even thinking! And we make adjustments immediately. But do we take the same care of our little emotional sore areas?

Perhaps even our end-goal needs some adjusting! With my inner self, my end-goal goes straight to, “how can I be better?” Whereas with my outer self, my mind asks, “how can this be better for me?” Hmmmm.

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