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How to Find Balance

Some road-trips are all about putting on the tunes, rolling down the window and going into zone mode. Ahhh. Yoga would call this a moon energy drive. Other road-trips are filled with fun anticipation from the first turn of the engine to that final pull into your destination. So fun! Yoga would call this a sun energy drive.

But driving through the mountains this past week put me into a completely different energy mode. I was in awe of the majestic beauty of the place, and yet still kept my mind focussed on driving the windy roads. I was relaxed and breathing in the mountain air, yet fully awake and ready to react to any road surprises. I was able to sustain this energy for hours. (Even idiot drivers didn’t stand a chance of altering it.) Yoga calls this type of energy a balance of sun and moon.

So how do we find this balanced energy when we are not on vacation?

For me, a new hiking spot is one way to launch it. I can’t zone out because I’ll lose my sense of direction, but I’m in nature which calms my senses. Yoga also does it for me, because I end a yoga class both relaxed and energized. If you have only a few minutes, try to identify which type of energy you have too much of and go from there. If you have too much sun energy, try a breathing meditation or a balancing yoga pose (like tree). If you have too much moon energy, try spot-cleaning a small area (like your car) using a scented oil or dancing to a song.

The big thing is identifying what a balanced energy feels like in your body, and then cultivating a desire to feel it.

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