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Getting things moving - without actually moving.

Between a small cold and extra work hours, my body is feeling whipped this week. It happens, right? Sometimes our physical body is hurt or just plain tired. It’s tempting to let frustration seep in. Frustrated that our body isn’t strong enough. Frustrated that the world isn’t calm enough.

Weeks like this provide the perfect opportunity to check in with a different kind of movement.

Yoga calls it “energetic movement”. It’s a type of movement that doesn’t look like much (if anything) on the outside. But once you get it going, you definitely feel it on the inside! Phrases like “that really moves me” and “it’s weighing me down” don’t look like much on the outside. But we all know what it feels like on the inside. Hard to explain, but nevertheless real.

So how do we access this “energetic movement”? How do we get it going?

One way to get it moving is to just picture it. Imagine, lines of energy running throughout the inside body. Maybe closing eyes and imagining an inside energy starting at the base of the spine and curling it’s way up and around, refreshing us from the inside out. This type of meditation can really get things moving, leaving you refreshed.

Another way, is finding an energy clog and unplugging it. Is there a pile of papers that is “weighing you down”? Something that needs sorting? An appointment that needs to be made? A person who needs calling? Search for little inner energetic clogs and plunge those babies out!

You may stumble across a big, looming energetic block. Something that is holding you back. Again, it may not look like much on the outside but you have no doubt it’s there. If you do, be kind to yourself. Like a physical body injury, you may need to work away at this one over time.

Just because our physical bodies are experiencing a low movement week, doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to ice cream and the couch. Experiment with some energetic movement. A physical workout isn’t the only way to feel refreshed.

It may feel like a kinda “out there” concept, but maybe we need to go “out there” in order to get "in there".

Until next time,


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