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Being Intentional with your Intention

The beginning of January is a great time to create an intention. Who do you want to reconnect with this year? A loved one? A higher power? Your own confidence? That’s your intention!

But the middle of January is even better, because it’s a great time to be intentional with your intention. Fireplaces and cozy sweatshirts provide little slowed-down moments for us to bring our intention to our thoughts. Shared hot chocolate and blankets provide moments for us to talk about our intention. And once we have been intentional about our thoughts and our words, finding time for the action itself becomes easier.

We’ve all heard of Karma, right? Well yoga’s take on Karma is centered around intentions. Every time you are intentional about your intention (whether in thought, word or deed) you are creating ripples that spread out from you. Eventually those ripples come back around.

So if you haven’t created an intention yet, maybe take some time to hibernate a bit this weekend and create one. Who do you want to reconnect with? Then during the rest of the month, keep your eyes (and heart) open for those built-in winter moments where time slows down, reminding us to think, talk and maybe even act on our intention.

So bring on the hot chocolate, right?!

Until next time,


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