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Be THAT Person

This past Sunday, I decided I was the kind of yogi who does 108 sun salutations. I had looked into the act before. I knew some of the steps involved. I had thought about the effort of 108 push-ups. (Yikes!)

But this Sunday, instead of thinking about the action, I thought about the vision. I envisioned myself as THAT person, and I felt a sense of satisfaction as I looked at her.

So it did it. It wasn’t ideal. I didn’t prepare a space. It wasn’t sunrise. I didn’t even shave my armpits (which I later regretted LOL). I just plopped my mat down, found a YouTube video that combined counts with mantras, and began.

For me, thinking about the act didn’t result in action. But focusing on the feeling, did. I envisioned myself as THAT kind of person and it felt right. And that feeling - that vision - was a strong enough motivator that I was even willing to forgo perfection. I just tried it out, then and there.

The very first line of the yoga sutra translates to “now is the time for yoga”. I hope I remember this in other areas of my life. “Now is the time.”

Maybe this week we can both spend some time envisioning. And when you hit upon a vision of yourself that fills you with satisfaction, perhaps you will take a step (an imperfect step) toward THAT person.

Now is the time.


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