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A Different Kind of Hibernate

I look forward to the bone-deep relaxation of winter. Until the first glimpses of spring. That’s when the disappointment sets in. Once again my hibernation was not complete.

But perhaps it’s not “crazy life” that has once again gotten in the way. Perhaps it’s my own expectation that’s the problem. What exactly am I expecting from winter? A post-massage afterglow that lasts for a good month? Um. Blush. It might be time to reframe.

Yoga describes winter not as a time to crawl to a sleepy halt, but as a time to cultivate balanced energy. A low, slow-burning energy.

Hmmmm. That’s the same type of energy that exists within women I consider to be “strong”. Consistent energy; reliable energy. And most importantly, a sustainable energy.

Kindling a warm, slow-burning, sustainable energy. That sounds like a winter goal that I can raise my hot chocolate glass to. Cheers to a healthy hibernation!

Until Next Time,


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